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Seasonal Camps

Yes We Learn by Doing, It Is A Lot Of Fun! Through entertaining, hands-on experiences, Fayoonah Camp introduces children between five and 12 years old to the many wonders of the world, teaches the importance of contributing to the community, and inspires appreciation of local Emirati culture. Lovely kids joining our camps Some of Positive... continue reading

Quality Products

Because You Deserves The best! We provide educational themes-STEM, Science, Team Building Game, Chemicals and Play Lab-give children the opportunity to play, explore, learn and unleash their imaginations. Lovely kids joining our camps Some of Positive Talk... I have purchased every box that you designed. Myself and my daughter enjoys playing with the activities. I... continue reading

Awesome Workshops

are You Ready? GoGo! ur GoGO Workshops activities are designed in many themed experiences that reflect Fayoonah objectives by enchanting a sense of creativity and innovation and embrace the local culture. Fun Learning Some of Positive Talk... I could see the improvements of my daughter Fatima. She started y. being vey shy when she joined... continue reading

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