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A four-year-old prodigy from Abu Dhabi, Alfai Al Marzooqi, has made history as the youngest Emirati illustrator and publisher (female). She recently published her first picture book, titled “The Lost Rabbit,” captivating readers with its heartwarming story of friendship and kindness. Alfai’s achievement has sparked great enthusiasm within the community, drawing significant attention at the ongoing Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. She now aspires to enter the Guinness World Records as the youngest person to publish a book. Despite facing challenges in finding a publisher willing to preserve the book’s original illustrations, Alfai’s parents persevered to maintain her eligibility for the Guinness record. The Department of Culture and Tourism recognized Alfai as the youngest publisher at the book fair. Her book will soon be available for purchase on her website and e-commerce platforms. Alfai’s remarkable talents extend beyond publishing, as she is also a YouTuber and contributes to her mother’s entrepreneurial endeavors. Her parents emphasize the importance of nurturing and encouraging children’s talents from a young age, regardless of their age. As the community eagerly awaits Guinness World Records’ decision, Alfai’s story serves as an inspiration, reminding us that success knows no age limits.

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