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In Abu Dhabi, Alfai Al Marzooqi, a grade 1 student, has achieved recognition as the youngest female book publisher. Her book, “The Lost Rabbit,” shares heartwarming tales of friendship. Alfai’s Guinness World Record stems from her passion for storytelling since age two. Remarkably, she completed the entire book—writing, drawing, and coloring—in just three days, captivating the world with her accomplishment. “The Lost Rabbit” centers around Alfai, Salma (her friend), and Salma’s rabbit, conveying themes of friendship and kindness. The narrative offers readers an engaging and uplifting experience. Alfai’s story delivers a powerful, yet simple, message to children worldwide: success is achievable through passion and creativity. Her example inspires kids to pursue their interests, emphasizing that creativity can lead to success. To sum up, Alfai’s record-breaking achievement encourages children to embrace their creativity for a path to success.

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