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The 4-and-a-half-year-old Emirati girl, Alfai AlMarzooqi, is preparing to set a new record as the youngest writer and painter in the world, after she published her story, “The Lost Rabbit,” which she wrote and executed all her drawings. AlMarzooqi signed her story, published in both Arabic and English, at the book signing platform at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, which is currently taking place and continues until May 28. She is also happy to sign the book at her school, Brighton College Abu Dhabi, next week. AlMarzooqi expressed her ambition to become an author and illustrator of children’s stories, and to share writing and reading the story with her friends on YouTube, expressing her pride in her homeland, the UAE, and the support and encouragement it provides for talents. She also indicated that she aims – by issuing her story – to encourage gifted children to express their talents, as well as urging parents to support their children’s talents. Encyclopedia of Records AlFai’s mother, Tyeb AlBarri, indicated that she is preparing to apply to break the record and register her daughter in the Guinness Book as the youngest “publisher” in the world, pointing out that AlFai took three days to write her entire story, in addition to drawing and coloring all the pictures, which surprised her when I showed her Her drawings and how her idea became real. She stated that the matter was not easy, as there were difficulties in publishing the story as a result of the publishing houses’ desire to change the drawings of the and replace them with others, until Sama Publishing House was contacted and agreed to print the story with drawings, to encourage the girl to fulfill her dream and continue her path as the youngest writer and illustrator. And it became clear that AlMarzooqi’s talent appeared when she was two years old, as she loved listening to the stories that her mother read to her before bedtime, and she was keen to get to know names and letters, ask many questions, and search for different plots and endings for stories. She added: «She always asked me strange questions like how old is the tree? Are the roses laughing? She was not interested in the TV or the tablet computer like the rest of the children, but her interest was focused on reading books. Ongoing support She added, “My 4.5-year-old daughter, AlFai AlMarzooqi, loves reading and drawing. She often creates imaginary characters and enjoys expressing feelings and feelings by telling the stories of these characters. One day I talked to her about Bella J. Dark, the youngest girl to publish a book (female) at the age of 5. Later, Alfie told me that she was able to write and draw a picture story for children, at that time I was pleased with her speech and encouraged her to achieve what she aspires to, and it was not long until I found her inviting us to see her drawings, and where she drew two friends, one of whom lost her rabbit, which is the idea of her story, and I kept asking her To tell me more about the rabbit and how it was found to encourage her to continue the story.’ The mother indicated that supporting her daughter’s talent was not limited to family members only, as her school also played a major role in encouraging her, especially her teacher Kelly, who always encouraged her to read, and chose stories for her to read at home. For his part, the father, Yaqoub AlMarzooqi, confirmed that his daughter has always been interested in pen and paper. He added, “When AlFai holds the pen, she begins to draw characters from her imagination, and then she realizes that she has the talent for drawing, so I provided her with all the drawing supplies, including colors and pens, when she was young, so that she could start learning about colors and how to combine them.” AlMarzooqi signed her story published in both Arabic and English at the Abu Dhabi Book Fair. ok wild: “Alfai took three days to write her entire story, in addition to drawing and coloring all the pictures.”

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