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A young Emirati girl, Alfai Al Marzooqi, has achieved the incredible feat of becoming the youngest female to publish a book, as recognized by the Guinness World Records. Alfai, at just five years old, is a Grade 1 student at Brighton College Abu Dhabi. Her book, titled ‘The Lost Rabbit,’ explores themes of friendship among children, compassion, love for animals, and caring for one another. What adds a special touch to the story is that the character Salma, one of the protagonists, is her real-life friend and classmate. Alfai’s passion for storytelling emerged early on, noticed by her mother Teeb Al Barri when Alfai was only two years old. Rather than being drawn to TV or tablets like other children, Alfai was focused on books, asking thought-provoking questions about the world around her. The speed at which Alfai completed her book is remarkable, taking just three days to write, draw, and color the entire story. Her parents have been supportive of her dreams, with her mother noting that Alfai aspires to be an international fashion designer, drawing inspiration from her love of reading and storytelling. The family has even launched the ‘Tell and Tale’ brand to showcase Alfai’s unique fashion pieces. Alfai’s father, Yaqoub Al Marzooqi, expressed immense pride in his daughter’s achievements. The family’s commitment to fostering talent extends to Alfai’s four-year-old brother, Hamad Al Marzooqi, who is aiming to set a Guinness Record for the youngest Emirati chef and entrepreneur in the children’s category. Burjeel Hospital, where Alfai was born, played a crucial role in facilitating the publication of her book and the subsequent recognition by Guinness World Records. The hospital celebrated Alfai’s achievement with a vibrant ceremony, including book reading and signing sessions, a magic show, face painting, dancing, and more. The Emirates Heritage Club, along with doctors and senior officials from Burjeel Hospital, presented Alfai with the certificate for the ‘Youngest Person to Publish a Book (Female).’ The hospital expressed its pride in supporting Alfai’s global achievement. Eminent Emirati writer Mariam Nasser and officials of the Emirates Heritage Club praised Alfai’s accomplishment during the ceremony. Dr. Sausan Abdul Rahman, the consultant of obstetrics and gynecology who performed Teeb’s delivery, also congratulated Alfai, expressing her pride in the young author’s achievements. Alfai is already working on her next book, titled ‘The Lost Cat,’ demonstrating her passion for animals. The book is available in both Arabic and English and can be purchased from Alfai’s online platform and social media channels. The story exemplifies the support and encouragement provided by Alfai’s family, school, and community in nurturing her exceptional talent from a very young age.

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