Do you deliver outside the UAE?

Yes! Thanks to our partners, we can now deliver your Fayoonah services and products anywhere in the world, and we’re happy to do it. Delivery within the UAE is COMPLIMENTARY, but for international deliveries, a fee is applied

What age are the boxes appropriate for?

Our boxes are primarily geared for children between the ages of 5-12. All boxes, content, and material are customized according to age group and gender of the child.

What kind of boxes do you have?

We believe in innovation and being creative with all our boxes. We do create many boxes themes that suites your child need and interest.

What if I have more than one child

Each Happy Box is designed for one child. We also encourage sibling sharing too! If you would like additional items to be included, please email us and we will see what we can do to make you happy. A nominal fee will apply.


Can my child work on the activities alone or will my help be required?

It really depends on your child and their age! Older kids can certainly tackle the activities on their own, especially if they are able to read and follow instructions. However, Fayoonah boxes were designed as a tool to promote quality time in families and to help in creating memories, so we certainly encourage you to take a few minutes out of your day to work on an activity with your child; the memories you create will be priceless! 

Can I make specific requests for party favors?

Certainly! We understand that each party is unique and we are happy to help. Provide us with information such as the age and number of the party attendees, your theme, a budget, and any other details you feel might be helpful. We will present you with a few amazing options, something you’re sure to love!

How do I collaborate on an event with The Happy Box or request sponsorship?

Just get in touch! We’ve had some wonderful experiences working with our partners and we’re always eager to spread happiness wherever we go, so if you think we should be working together, just drop us an email at info@fayoonah.ae and let’s start brainstorming.

Can I learn about monthly themes in advance?

Of course! It’s easy, just sign up for our email updates via the link on our website. Then you’ll be among the first to hear about all of our new products and services, updates, interesting news, and special events. All you can add is our number (0507111333) as we add catalogs that contain new boxes arrival and offers. 

Do you have online workshops?

Yes! We do provide workshops virtually. You can know more about them by visiting our website’s main page or adding our WhatsApp business number and getting direct messages from us.

Can I request a special theme for a box?

Our boxes have many themes and designs, and every period we promote a new box with new ideas. You can choose from the many themes we offer and we are sure you will like them.